#1 Photos to Cherish . In the world that we live in, photography seems to be easier than ever. One click and you have a image on your phone. Add a filter and it looks a little better. But with one more click, that memory can be thrown out the window and gone forever. By investing in a Photographer you are going to get the photos that tell the story of you. You as in, not just a selfie, but your real emotion, to share with everyone who comes across that photograph. A story that you want to tell your children and that they can share and pass on to their children. With a fine art photographer, you are investing in memories to last a lifetime and more.

#2 Documentation and stages of life. There are times in your life that everyone looks forward to. You look so forward to these moments that they come in go in the blink of an eye. I think the most essential reason for photography is to give you a visual of your greatest memories, an easy way to reflect back and feel those moments again. Especially for your loved ones that have passed on. Something I have always loved, is going into a home or store where people have Photographs framed on the wall, just begging you to ask the questions, where or who was this. The questions that are almost always answered with a meaningful or sometimes funny story. Stories that otherwise would not have been talked about if they weren’t hanging on the wall.

#3 Experience. We know what to do and when to do it. We are willing to go above and beyond to make your images the best. That’s what we do. Whenever something is important to you or that matters, we are going to be there to get the perfect photograph. The perfect photo of how you look at the time and what you represent for your life. Our knowledge with our camera and equipment make it happen for you. Embrace yourselves and enjoy the few moments we will spend together putting this minutes into a time capsule of photographs for you.


3 benefits of booking a photography session