I've always been an artist at heart. My Pap used to teach me how to draw houses on the hardwood floor of his home and looking back, I can trace my creative roots to his encouragement. As I grew up, I wanted to attend art school, but decided to pursue a business degree instead. While in college, I was taking so many additional art classes that I ended up dual majoring in art as well!

It wasn't until a wintery morning - my feet dangling from a ski lift on the mountain slopes of Maine- that I pulled out my sister's camera and fell in love with photography. As I documented the beauty around me, the puzzle pieces of my life fell into place and I realized my passion was creating art out of everyday moments. From there, I learned everything I could about photography and have never looked back.

Today, I live with my husband turned second-shooter, Chad and our two pups, Augie and Athena in a cozy cabin in the woodlands of Pennsylvania. When I'm not behind my camera, I love drinking lattes in coffee shops, making pottery, hiking with our pups, planning road trips to National Parks, and eating all the dessert I can get my hands on.

Good news is, you're in the right place! I'm Carmen, a Pennsylvania wedding and portrait photographer with a passion for capturing the most breathtaking and free-spirited weddings and portrait sessions. My work is often described as whimsical, elegant, and authentic...but I just like to think of it as a real extension of YOUR story. I'm always looking for candid moments, unique details, and personal touches to document every second in a way that will immediately take you back in time.




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I LOVE the slopes and spent two years of my career as a graphic designer for a ski factory in the mountains of Utah! One of my very favorite happy places is gliding down those snow-covered hills on my snowboard. That's probably why I love a good mountain top wedding so much! Chad and I's ultimate dream is to own a small ski cabin in Utah or Colorado someday. A girl can dream!

My favorite activities usually involve the great outdoors and eating delicious food! I love state and national parks, taking a walk/hike in the woods with my family, baking chocolate chip cookies, and hanging out in coffee shops. My ideal "off" day is being in nature relaxing and then getting cozy in our cabin for dinner and a spooky movie! I'm a simple kind of girl that appreciates the little things!

I always knew that I loved being a creative, for awhile, my greatest dream was to design snowboards! In college I took a couple of design classes, just in case it ever came in handy...and it did! I was able to design snowboards at my very first career in Utah and now I'm doing something completely different in my home state with photography. It's wild! But I will say that every job position has come in handy and I still use my design background when it comes to photography.

My husband is the best second-shooter ever! Listen, Chad is the guy you want when it comes to adding more fun into your day. He brings even more creativity and happiness into your photos and enjoys working with people with a sense of humor! It's fun for us to work together as a couple and I know that you'll love Chad!

One of my favorite parts about the Carmen May Experience is this guy right here. My husband, Chad, is my incredible second-shooter and the type of person you want to have around on your wedding day. Together, we are the perfect mix of laid back, organized, fun, and efficient and I know you'll love his sense of humor as much as I do. Beyond weddings, Chad is a "doer of all things" who loves white water rafting, combat sports, reading books, and eating a yummy batch of cookies with milk. Hoping for a little more easy-going, fun on your big day? You just found your match.

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C H E C K  C A R M E N  &  C H A D ' S  A V A I L A B I L T Y


You're excited about your beautiful wedding dress, but you don't care one bit if it gets a little dirt on it. All in the name of adventure, right?!

You're a little more free-spirited than traditional. You envision your wedding on top of a mountain or deep in the woods. Even if you're  getting married in the church down the road, you're still incorporating  unique elements into your day.

 You love photos that are laid back and candid, but you still want your photos to remain classic for years down the road. You're a best of both worlds kind of girl. 

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