Gosh this couple is so cute! Mallory and Matthew were recommended to us by a friend and fellow photographer last year. We are so glad we got to work with their entire family and friends to celebrate their new beginnings for a traditional wedding. They had so many fun touches! Mallory’s mother did her hair, the bride was a natural-beauty with no makeup, we did both a First Look with her dad, and a First Look with Matthew. –We turned Matthew around while blindfolded, but then totally realized that it didn’t matter since he wasn’t seeing the bride! (haha) And get this: for their ceremony cards they asked for everyone to turn off their phones and to just be present in the moment! What a dream for a photographer.

Back to the beginning when we first met, I learned that Mallory plans to translate Latin American literature and work as a teacher someday. I can go on and on about her goals! But what I loved about both Mallory and Matthew is that they are goofy, well educated, and love the simplest moments of quality time. The perfect couple of faith and love. It was a pleasure to work with them.

greensburg pa wedding

Venue: Word of Life Church, Greensburg

Florist: Berries and Birch Flower Design Studio

Dress: Joyce Cunningham, Knot Only Mending

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Jen Clothing

Cake: Alexis Berry (family friend)

Hair: Bride’s Mom

Mallory & Matthew are married!