The baby bump is the sweetest thing to photograph. It gives mamas the ultimate glow of happiness that a little one is on the way! Especially for first time moms like Samantha. She is beyond stunning in these and I was so happy to have done them for her and Tyler. It’s been a pleasure to have worked with them. Sam and I graduated high school nearly ten years ago and I can’t believe we are old enough to have babies now. Just where has time gone?

Tyler and Sam are truly going to make the best parents. With a beautiful name picked for their baby girl already, I can only imagine their excitement for what is to come in only a few short weeks. Can you believe she is over 35 weeks pregnant in these? Sam looks amazing as a mom and I can’t wait to meet baby Reagan someday! I’m so so happy for them and wish them the best happiness as a new family begins!


ohiopyle maternity photography

Samantha & Tyler’s Maternity Session